SVC-3 Voltammetry cell

Standard Voltammetry Cell

SVC-3 Voltammetry cell is a standart voltammetry cell.
The Teflon cap for SVC-3 voltammetry has three holes for working electrode, reference electrode, counter electrode, and can be used as a sealed cell by pushing the o-ring into hole groove. The microelectrode can also be set in the hole as a working electrode. Compared with SVC-2, it has as a characteristic that many types of counter-electrode can be used. This cell can be utilized with CS-3A Cell Stand. This feature is well suited for measurements of ultraweak current.

  • Sample volume from 5 to 10 mL
  • For various types of electrode
  • Easy removal of the dissolved oxygen

ALS 012669

SVC-3 Voltammetry cell


ALS 001056

Sample vial (20 ml) 7 pcs

ALS 012671

Teflon cap for SVC-3

ALS 002233

Platinum counter electrode 5 cm

ALS 010537

Purge tube (ETFE),  30 cm

ALS 012961

Platinum counter electrode 23 cm

ALS 012963

Nickel counter electrode 23 cm

ALS 012962
Gold counter electrode 23 cm