Non Destructive Testing Solutions 
for Conservation and Heritage

On-site measurements with portable NDTs and AI evaluation

Understanding the importance of an adequate characterization and conservation is the key factor when working with historical artwork and heritage. SFTec is specialised in portable handheld spectroscopy solutions for the Conservation and Heritage sector.

Our portable FTIR instrumentation combined with Artificial Intelligence solutions provide academics and conservators alike an unprecedented opportunity to analyze precious and fragile artefacts, artwork and exhibits using non-invasive and non-destructive analysis techniques where the object is placed. 

SFTec is able to help researchers across Europe analyze color in ancient sculptures, characterize pigments in manuscripts and improve monitoring of cultural heritage objects.

Chemical characterization

Detailed understanding of the object's sensitivity to environmental conditions and other factors that may cause degradation, to make informed decisions about the necessary preventive interventions and treatments required for its preservation.

Quick on-site

Portable NDT devices combined with online evaluation software allows on-site characterization, increasing cost-effectiveness and removing the need of transportation of the artifacts to the laboratory.

Accurate and 
reliable identification

Valuable information about the object's composition and characterization which provides insight into the object's history and cultural significance allowing  a better understanding of its place in the broader cultural context

Portable FTIR for Heritage

The use of portable digital Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment offers numerous benefits for making informed on-site decisions about the conservation and preservation of heritage objects. 

The portability of these NDT methods allows for testing to be performed directly on the heritage object in its actual location, providing accurate and up-to-date information about its condition. This information can then be used to make informed decisions about the necessary interventions and treatments required for its preservation. 

Additionally, the speed and cost-effectiveness of digital NDTs allow for regular monitoring of the object, enabling early detection of any degradation and enabling prompt interventions to prevent further damage. The portability of digital NDT equipment also enables professionals to make informed decisions about the transport, storage, and exhibition of heritage objects, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

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Web-based AI tools for NDT spectral analysis in Heritage

Artificial Intelligence can process large amounts of data quickly and accurately, enabling rapid analysis and decision-making. This approach has already helped analysis processes and improved results in many other fields.
AI and portable spectral analysis are still evolving fields with immense potential for growth and innovation. emerging technologies like deep learning and neural networks that can further enhance the capabilities of AI in spectral analysis.

SFTec develops modular Artificial Intelligence tools for non-destructive spectral analysis, pipeline-based designed available from of a web browser and allowing the user to focus only in results.

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Heritage object

Data Adquisition

Data aquisition on site with portable NDT equipment commercially available.


Online data dump, processing and Artificial Intelligence automatic characterization

Data management

Characterization and classification of assets. intervention decisions supported by AI.

Useful applications of AI tools in Heritage

Raw material identification

Recipe identification

Preventive conservation analysis

Provenance analysis

Art forgery detection

Relative chronology study

Study of repaints

Non-destructive analysis


Spectrify is a tool developed by users and for users. It creates an easy workflow to apply spectral operations and analyze your data with all the power of Machine Learning algorithms.

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