Modular Spectrometers

Select the way to measure your samples from 150 nm to 5 µm

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Optosky offers a variety of Modular Spectrometers, spanning from Ultraviolet to Mid-Infrared, in different families like Low-Cost, High-Resolution, Cooled, NIR and MIR, and Specific Light Sources. These spectrometers are designed for a wide range of applications, providing high-performance, cost-effective, and customizable solutions for spectral analysis.

Optosky's Modular Spectrometers are versatile and customizable, allowing users to select the appropriate configuration for their specific needs. They are equipped with features such as high-performance detectors, low-noise operation, and various integration times to accommodate different measurement requirements.

Modular Spectrometers

Extensive Range of Spectroscopic Solutions

Top-tier Detectors

  Hamamatsu detectors, renowned for their sensitivity, SNR, dynamic range, maximum wavelength range, and stability

Product Range

 A product for each need. Find the specific module that fits in your research or application.


Optosky provides top-quality spectroscopy products at a competitive price.   

Optosky Low Cost Spectrometer

Low Cost Spectrometer

Designed for users seeking affordable and reliable spectrometry solutions without compromising on performance. They offer cost-effective options for those who require basic spectral analysis capabilities.

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Optosky ATP3330 High Resolution Modular Spectrometer

High Resolution Spectrometer

 Optosky's high-resolution spectrometers are ideal for applications that demand precision and accuracy in spectral measurements. These spectrometers provide high optical resolution, allowing for detailed analysis of materials and substances.

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Optosky cooled spectromter modular

Cooled Spectrometer

For applications where thermal stability is critical, Optosky offers cooled spectrometers. These instruments maintain a stable temperature range, ensuring consistent spectral data collection over extended periods.

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Optosky MIR and NIR Spectrometers

NIR and MIR Spectrometer

Optosky's NIR and MIR spectrometers are designed for advanced spectroscopic analysis. They cover the near-infrared and mid-infrared ranges, enabling detailed studies of materials in these regions of the spectrum.

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Optosky Spectrometers and accesories

Full Range of Optosky Spectrometers

Need more information? Download the extensive full range of Optosky Spectrometers and Accesories. Find your specific Spectrometer, Light Source, Reflectance Standard or Probe.


Optosky's Modular Spectrometers, ranging from Ultraviolet to Mid-Infrared, offer a comprehensive range of solutions for spectral analysis. These spectrometers are designed to cater to a wide array of applications, providing high-performance, cost-effective, and customizable options. With families such as Low-Cost, High-Resolution, Cooled, NIR, MIR, and Specific Light Sources, Optosky ensures that users can select the appropriate configuration for their specific spectral analysis needs.

The versatility of Optosky's Modular Spectrometers is one of their standout features. Users can customize these devices to fit their particular requirements, with options for high-performance detectors, low-noise operation, and a variety of integration times. This level of customization is essential for applications that require precise spectral measurements, such as environmental monitoring, material analysis, and biological research.

Optosky's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their Modular Spectrometers. With these devices, users can expect a balance of performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Whether you are a researcher looking for a reliable tool for in-depth studies or an industrial user seeking a cost-efficient solution for routine analysis, Optosky's Modular Spectrometers provide the high-quality, low-price options that are essential for today's demanding applications