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Miniature spectrometers that offers advanced UV, visible, and NIR spectroscopy capabilities with a spectral range from 185nm to 1100nm. CMOS detector technology by Hamatsu. It is designed for high sensitivity and performance, suitable for various industrial or research applications. Find the best suitable model for your application. ATP1010, ATP2000 or ATP2400 with fully customizable parameters.



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Optosky ATP1010 Modular VNIR Miniature Spectrometer

Key Specifications

Select your Wavelengths

Hamatsu sensors spectral ranges from 180 to 1100 nm

High Resolution

Up to 0.1 nm, depending on instrument configuration

Choose your sensor size

512, 2048 and 4096 px sensors available

Easy Connection

Select USB 2.0 or UART

Miniature Solution

Size from 45*42*32 mm with a weight of 60 g

Measuring Capabilities

Use an SMA905 optical fiber or measure incoming light directly.

ATP1010 Miniature Spectrometer

Optosky ATP1010 Modular VNIR Miniature Spectrometer

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ATP2000 Low-Cost Spectrometer

Optosky ATP2000 Modular VNIR Low Cost Spectrometer

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ATP2400 Low-Cost Spectrometer

Optosky ATP2400 Modular VNIR Low Cost Spectrometer

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Experience the power of advanced spectroscopy with our miniature spectrometers, which are equipped with cutting-edge CMOS detector technology from Hamatsu. These compact devices offer an impressive spectral range from 185nm to 1100nm, enabling comprehensive UV, visible, and NIR spectroscopy capabilities. Ideal for a variety of industrial and research applications, our spectrometers are designed for high sensitivity and performance, ensuring precision and reliability in your measurements.

Choose from our ATP1010, ATP2000, or ATP2400 models, each offering fully customizable parameters to tailor the spectrometer to your specific needs. Whether you require a compact design for portability or a high-performance option for demanding applications, our miniature spectrometers are the perfect choice. With these devices, you can optimize your spectroscopy workflow, ensuring accurate and consistent results across different environments and conditions.

Whether you're measuring environmental parameters, performing quality control in production lines, or conducting in-depth research, our miniature spectrometers provide the tools you need to achieve your goals. With their compact size and ease of use, these spectrometers are not only cost-effective but also highly versatile, making them an invaluable asset to any lab or industrial setting.