SK-2 Electrochemical accessories kit

Complete kit for electrochemical tests

In Electrochemical accessories kit, you will find almost all accessories that you need for start your Electrochemical measurement.

Electrochemical accessories kit contains four items. For the start of your measurement, you need only to complete with reference electrode and electrochemical analyzer. 

ALS 013225

SK-2 Electrochemical accessories kit


ALS 013223

PK-3 Electrode Polishing kit

ALS 012669

SVC-3 Voltammetry cell

ALS 002013

PTE Platinum electrode OD: 6.0 mm; ID: 1.6 mm

ALS 002012

GCE Glassy carbon electrode OD: 6.0 mm; ID: 3.0 mm

  • Each component could be purchased separately.

ALS 012961

Platinum counter electrode 23 cm

ALS 012963

Nickel counter electrode 23 cm

ALS 012962
Gold counter electrode 23 cm

ALS 012108

RE-PV Preservative vial for Reference electrode

ALS 001209

Cell holder for 20 mL vial