Corrosion test electrolitic cells

SFTec offers a comprehensive selection of corrosion cells tailored to various corrosion applications. Depending on the specific type of corrosion you're dealing with, different cells are available:

  • Conventional corrosion cells for uniform corrosion and standard corrosion tests
  • Galvanic cells for galvanic corrosion and electrochemical noise measurement
  • Coating cells for testing the corrosion resistance of coatings and paints.
  • Flat cells designed for flat sample testing

These cells are engineered to accommodate at least three electrodes: working, reference, and counter electrodes. Some of these cells are compatible with additional accessories like bridge tubes, purge tubes, and temperature probes. A variety of volumes are offered, ranging from a 1 mL volume for the plate material evaluation cell to 2 L for the conventional corrosion cell.