24 bit resolution electrochemical analysers

Outstanting precision, sensitivity, and versatility for electrochemical experiments

IviumStat is a high end high power potentiostat with an exceptional 24bit high resolution

IviumStat : High End Potentiostat with integrated Impedance analyser

The IviumStat is a high end high power potentiostat with an exceptional 24bit high resolution. That makes the instrument well suited for applications that require a wide dynamic range. 

The instrument has high power and a built-in high performance frequency response analyzer for EIS measurements from 10µHz to 8MHz, and is compatible with our complete range of modules and options. 

The IviumStat is suitable for many applications such as corrosion research, battery/ fuel/cell/electrolyser testing, electro analysis, bio- and nano electrochemistry, etc.

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CompactStat : Portable USB powered Potentiostat with Integrated Impedance Analyser

The CompactStat is a high end portable potentiostat that can be powered from the USB port of a laptop or PC without additional power supply. 

With its small footprint (<600 gram) and low power consumption, the CompactStat provides a truly mobile electrochemical measurement station that is ideal for use both in the lab and in the field.

Its exceptionally high measurement resolution of 24bits gives it a uniquelevel of measurement and control. Among its many applications are corrosion, analytical, nano, bio and battery / fuel cell / electrolyser testing.

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CompactStat is a high end portable potentiostat that can be powered from the USB port of a laptop or PC without additional power supply

Why is a 24-bit resolution important?

The resolution of a potentiostat refers to its ability to accurately measure and control small voltage or current changes.

A 24-bit resolution Ivium potentiostat offers several benefits in electrochemical measurements and experiments compared to potentiostats with lower resolutions. 

Here are some of the advantages of a 24-bit resolution potentiostat:

24-bit resolution Ivium potentiostat

Higher precision

A 24-bit resolution allows for extremely precise voltage and current measurements. This is particularly useful when working with low-current electrochemical processes or when studying subtle electrochemical phenomena.

Better Detection of Small Changes

With more bits, the potentiostat can detect and respond to very small changes in voltage or current. This is critical in applications where the electrochemical reactions are weak or subtle.

Enhanced Sensitivity

The ability to resolve smaller changes in potential or current allows researchers to study electrochemical processes with higher sensitivity. This is essential in various applications, including sensor development, corrosion studies, and bioelectrochemistry.

Compatibility with Advanced Techniques

Advanced electrochemical techniques, such as impedance spectroscopy and fast scan voltammetry, often require high-resolution measurements for accurate results. A 24-bit potentiostat can be crucial for researchers using these techniques.

Potential for Future Discoveries

The ability to detect subtle electrochemical changes that might have been previously overlooked opens up the possibility for new discoveries in the field of electrochemistry.

Wider Dynamic Range

A 24-bit resolution potentiostat can handle a wide range of currents and potentials, making it versatile for a broad spectrum of electrochemical experiments. This versatility is crucial in research, where the nature of the electrochemical process may vary significantly.


Higher-resolution potentiostats can adapt to various experimental setups and electrochemical systems, making them suitable for diverse research needs and applications.

Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Higher resolution potentiostats can distinguish between the signal (the electrochemical response you want to measure) and noise (unwanted interference or background currents) more effectively. This results in cleaner data and more accurate measurements.

Data Integrity

More precise measurements lead to improved data quality and integrity, making it easier to draw meaningful conclusions from your experiments and ensuring the accuracy of your research results.

Reduced Error and Drift

Higher-resolution measurements help reduce measurement errors and drift, which can occur in low-level electrochemical experiments over time. This is particularly important for long-term experiments and studies involving small, slow, or gradual changes in electrochemical behavior.