High end general purpose with integrated impedance analyser

The IviumStat is a high end high power potentiostat with an exceptionally high 24bit resolution. That makes the instrument well suited for applications that require a wide dynamic range. 

The IviumStat is compatible with our complete range of modules and options. Applications include research, corrosion, battery/ fuel/cell/electrolyser testing, analysis, bio- and nano electrochemistry, etc.

Key Specifications

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EIS up to 8MHz

Included integrated impedance analyser FRA / EIS 10µHz to 8MHz

Technical Specifications

  • Current compliance: ±5A / ±2A
  • Maximum compliance voltage: ±10V / ±50V 
  • Maximum applied voltage: ±10V below 1A, and ±8V up to 5A / ±50V 
  • Electrode connections: 4; WE, CE, RE, S (and GND) with 4mm banana plugs
  • Potentiostat bandwidth: 8MHz
  • Stability settings: High Speed, Standard and High Stability
  • Programmable response filter: 1MHz, 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz, 10Hz 
  • Signal acquisition: Dual channel 24bit ADC, 100,000 samples/s
  • Max. applied potential range: ±10V
  • Applied potential resolution: 0.02mV(20bits)
  • Applied potential accuracy: 0.2%, or 1mV
  • Current ranges: ±1pA to ±10A 
  • Measured current resolution: 0.00001% of current range, minimum 0.6aA
  • Measured current accuracy: 10pA + 0.025% of FSR
  • Applied current resolution: 0.00013% of applied current range
  • Applied current accuracy: 0.2%
  • Galvanostatic current ranges: ±100pA to ±10A
  • Potential ranges: ±1mV, ±4mV, ±10mV, ±40mV, ±100mV, ±400mV, ±1V, ±4V, ±10V, ±50V
  • Measured potential resolution: 0.00001% of potential range, minimum 0.15nV
  • Measured potential accuracy: 0.2% or 1mV
  • Frequency range: 10µHz to 8MHz
  • Amplitude: 0.015mV to 1.0V, or 0.03% to 100% of current range
  • DC offset: 16bit DC offset subtraction and 2 DC-decoupling filters
  • Dynamic Range: 0.05nV to 10V, and 0.2aA to 5A / 2A
  • Input impedance: >1000Gohm //<8pF
  • Input bias current: <10pA 
  • Bandwidth: 16MHz
  • Ohmic drop compensation: 2V/current range, 16bits resolution
  • 8/2 Analog in/out: 0 to +4V, 16bit resolution
  • 2/3 Digital input/output: 2 input (0-5V) / 3 output (0-3.3V)
  • I-out/E-out: Analog monitor for cell current and potential
  • AC-out: ±0.5V sinewave 10µHz-8MHz with variable attenuation
  • Channel-X input, Channel-Y input: ±4V to record impedance from peripheral devices
  • Power requirements: 100-240V, 45-63Hz, 150VA / 300VA
  • Interfacing: USB
  • Dimensions: 26 x 33 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • PC Requirement:  Windows 8/10/11, with free USB port

Iviumsoft: all you need in a single suite

Ivium provides outstanding software to match every research application. IviumSoft intuitive software suite is feature-rich and is common to all of our instruments. It comprises several operation modes which offers one complete powerful and versatile package of control and analysis software, suitable for any Windows operated system. It is free with each instrument with unlimited installs.

IviumSoft can also interface with and be controlled from LabVIEWTM, C++, Delphi, etc. A full suite of IviumSoft is included with each instrument as standard.

Explore IviumSoft

Included applications:

  • IviumSoft:
    User interface for single and multichannel instrument control, electrochemical method selection and composition, data display and analysis.

  • CycliScan:
    Intuitive and easy linear battery testing protocol builder, with real-time interactive user control, safety settings, cycling protocol, drive cycle import.

  • Multichannel Mode (MC Mode): 
    Clear and simple control of up to 100s of channels simultaneously with only a few mouse clicks.

  • IviLAB: 
    Advanced and versatile data plotting for all your battery data, for all your channels, real time, with your choice of graphs and representation, charge-discharge • capacity vs. cycle nr. • EIS fit • charge efficiency • etc.

  • Batch Mode: 
    Using Batch Mode, the operator can automate complex measurement sequences, and interface to external equipment for process automation.