Peripheral modules for Ivium instruments

External Bipotentiostat

The external bipotentiostat module is an add-on module that enables a second working electrode (WE2) with programmable potential offset with respect to the RE or WE1. It is suitable for instruments and modules which have the DB15 peripheral port and ±10 V output voltage.

It is used for various applications, including rotating ring disc electrode (RRDE) measurements or hydrogen permeation tests (Devanathan-Stachurski cell tests).

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The StackAnalyser module allows the simultaneous recording of up to 8 differential bipolar high-ohmic voltages (e.g. pH meter), or 8 simultaneous EIS measurements up to 100kHz in addition to the primary signal. It is designed to be used in combination with an Ivium potentiostat to monitor individual cells within a stack. The StackAnalyser is powered from the grid via a 5V power supply.

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Peripheral Port Expanders and Differential Amplifiers

The Peripheral Port Expander (PPE) is a break out box for the peripheral port of Ivium potentiostats. 

The Peripheral Differential Amplifier (PDA) module allows the simultaneous recording of differential bipolar high-ohmic external voltages, such as reference or pH meters. The PDA has 8 differential input channels, and it is stackable up to units with a total of 64 channels. The PDA module is powered from the grid via an adapter.

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Peripheral Differential Amplifiers for OctoStat family

The OctoPDA, OctoPDA-T and OctoPPE are modules, designed for use in combination with an OctoStat, that allows different combination of analog inputs for each OctoStat channel

  • 2 differential bipolar high-ohmic external voltages to be recorded per OctoStat channel.
  • 2 analog low impedance input/output measurements for each OctoStat channel
  • 2 analog input measurements for each OctoStat channel:
    • a high impedance differential analog input with BNC connector 
    • an analog input with a direct connection for a K-type thermocouple for temperature measurements 

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