Multichannel analyzers

Ultimate flexibility with integrated impedance

Optimized combination of power and flexibility

The multi-channel potentiostats / galvanostats from Ivium offer ultimate flexibility with options for mix-and-match modules, a wide current measurement range, integrated Frequency Response Analyzers, and all standard electrochemical techniques pre-loaded in the software. 

The multi-channel systems also offer automation capabilities with multiple analog and digital input and output ports, which support monitoring and control over peripheral equipment with full integration built into the Ivium software.

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Versatile High End customizable analyser

Ivium-n-Stat multiple-channel potentiostat / galvanostat offer you the ultimate in versatility. Choose from the extensive offering of modules to mix-and-match your customized system, giving you multichannel throughput with single-channel accuracy.

Ivium-n-stat fully modular instrument is designed for a wide range of applications, such as battery/fuel cell-testing, electrode development, biotechnology and other Electrochemical Research applications.

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High performance Potentiostats / Galvanostat / FRA Battery tester

The OctoStat is designed for applications where multiple cells are operated in parallel for long periods of time, such as battery/fuel cell testing, electrode development, biotechnology, and corrosion.

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Iviumsoft: all you need in a single suite

Ivium provides outstanding software to match every research application. IviumSoft intuitive software suite is feature-rich and is common to all of our instruments. It comprises several operation modes which offers one complete powerful and versatile package of control and analysis software, suitable for any Windows operated system. It is free with each instrument with unlimited installs.

IviumSoft can also interface with and be controlled from LabVIEWTM, C++, Delphi, etc. A full suite of IviumSoft is included with each instrument as standard.

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Included applications:

  • IviumSoft:
    User interface for single and multichannel instrument control, electrochemical method selection and composition, data display and analysis.

  • CycliScan:
    Intuitive and easy linear battery testing protocol builder, with real-time interactive user control, safety settings, cycling protocol, drive cycle import.

  • Multichannel Mode (MC Mode): 
    Clear and simple control of up to 100s of channels simultaneously with only a few mouse clicks.

  • IviLAB: 
    Advanced and versatile data plotting for all your battery data, for all your channels, real time, with your choice of graphs and representation, charge-discharge • capacity vs. cycle nr. • EIS fit • charge efficiency • etc.

  • Batch Mode: 
    Using Batch Mode, the operator can automate complex measurement sequences, and interface to external equipment for process automation.