High-Power Potentiostats for Cutting-Edge Research

Ivium's XP Range: Integrated Potentiostat and Booster for High-Power Applications

The XP range from Ivium Technologies is a specialized line of potentiostats tailored for high-power applications crucial in modern research areas like battery research, electrolysis, and fuel cell development.

It combines the functionalities of a potentiostat and a booster within a single unit, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance.

The XP is capable of all standard electrochemical techniques and has all the advantages of both the potentiostat and the booster, such as switching through all current ranges with full resolution at low and high power, high bandwidth to facilitate impedance measurements at high power, etc. 

  • Real-Time Measurements: Equipped with a full-color display, the XP range provides immediate, real-time measurement results, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of research.
  • Versatile Electrochemical Techniques: Capable of all standard electrochemical techniques, the XP range is designed for versatility, covering a broad spectrum of high-power applications.
  • Dual Advantages: Enjoy the combined benefits of a potentiostat and a booster, including full resolution switching across all current ranges and high bandwidth for impedance measurements at elevated power levels.

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Ivium XP range of potentiostats is specially designed for high power applications such as battery research, electrolysis and fuel cell development
The Vertex S series is Ivium's line of all-round entry level otentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA instruments

Vertex S Series: Entry-Level Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA Instruments

The Vertex series is Ivium's line of all-round entry level otentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA
instruments. Each Vertex instrument is available with optional impedance analyser/FRA for EIS. 

The wide range of voltage and current capability offers a solution for all applications, including educational high current devices (up to 20A) for electrochemistry research, high current (battery) testing, electrolysers and development....

Each Vertex instrument is capable of all standard electrochemical techniques and includes a complete suite of Iviumsoft control and data processing software.

  • Wide Voltage and Current Range: Designed to cater to various applications, the Vertex series offers solutions for educational purposes, high current device testing (up to 20A), electrolyser development, and more.
  • Complete Electrochemical Techniques: Each Vertex instrument supports all standard electrochemical techniques, coupled with Iviumsoft's complete control and data processing software suite.

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Electrolyser HE80: Focused Design for Electrolysis and Hydrogen Generation

The HE80 stands out as a unipolar electrolyser with integrated FRA/EIS capabilities. Specifically designed for applications like electrolysers/hydrogen generation, battery charging, and electrodeposition, the HE80 offers a voltage range of +0.5 to +20V and a current range up to +80A.

Targeted for Specialized Applications: With its unique design, the HE80 is particularly suitable for hydrogen generation and electrodeposition, offering precise control and efficient operation.

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Ivium Technologies' range of potentiostats, from the high-power XP series to the versatile Vertex S series and the specialized HE80 electrolyser, represents a commitment to innovation and quality in the field of electrochemical research. These instruments are crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern researchers, ensuring precision, versatility, and efficiency in various electrochemical applications.