Mini Raman Spectrometer

Small in size, high in reliability

Develop your Raman Applications

The ATR2500 Raman Spectrometer offers high sensitivity at a competitive price and allows customization. It comes in various configurations, including different laser excitation wavelengths (532, 784 and 1064 nm), sensor sizes and resolutions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from research to testing. 

Its compact design complements these features, ensuring it's an efficient choice for specific needs.


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Optosky Mini Raman Identifier

Key Specifications

Customizable Range

Different Laser excitation Wavelengths availible. Select your 532, 785 or 1064 nm instrument.

High Precision, High Resolution

Ultra-high sensitivity detector, low noise circuits.

Different Resolutions

Spectral ranges from 100 to 4100 cm-1 with a maximun resoltuion of 3 cm-1

Small size, cost-effective

Reduced dimensions makes the Mini Raman a top instrument for developing your own research protocols

  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Integration time: 4ms - 120s
  • Voltage: DC 5V±5%
  • Work temperature:-10~45 ℃
  • Work humidity: < 95%
  • Dimension(L*W*H): Without probe:119.2×89×35 mm; With probe:139×89×35 mm
  • Weight: 390 g

  • Spectral reliability σ/μ < 0.5% (COT 8 hours)
  • Temperature reliability Spectral shift ≤ 1 cm (10-40 ℃)
  • Spectral intensity <±5%(in 5 ~ 40 ℃)
  • SNR >1300:1 (918 cm of Acetonitrile,4sIntergation, 130mW)

  • Model Ultra-sensitive linear array detector
  • Spectral range 200-1100 nm 
  • Effective pixels 2048 pixels
  • Dynamic range 50000:1
  • Half width 0.08 nm
  • Maximum output power ≥300 mW,the actual output power software can be set
  • Minimum power output adjustment 1mW
  • Power stability σ/μ <±0.2%
  • Operating distance: 6 mm
  • Rayleigh scattering resistance: OD>8
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.3
  • Aperture: 7mm


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Optosky's ATR2500 Raman Spectrometer is an exceptional choice for those seeking high sensitivity at an affordable price. With a variety of configurations available, including different laser excitation wavelengths of 532, 784, and 1064 nm, as well as options for sensor sizes and resolutions, the ATR2500 is versatile and adaptable to a wide array of applications, from cutting-edge research to practical testing needs.

The ATR2500's compact design is a testament to its efficiency, making it an ideal solution for those who require a balance of performance and portability. Its design allows for easy handling and operation, ensuring that users can quickly and effectively analyze their samples. The ATR2500's ability to be customized further enhances its appeal, offering the flexibility to tailor the spectrometer to the specific requirements of the user's project or workflow.

Whether you are a researcher looking to uncover the intricate chemical structures of your samples or a quality assurance professional needing to quickly identify contaminants, the ATR2500 Raman Spectrometer is a powerful tool that delivers the precision and accuracy you demand. Its high sensitivity and competitive pricing make it a valuable investment for any lab or research facility.