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Optosky's ATR6500 and ATR6600 models are handheld Raman analyzers designed for on-site chemical inspection, offering ultra-lightweight portability. The ATR6500, weighing up to 450g, is available in two excitation wavelengths and offers high-resolution spectra, while the ATR6600 is optimized for high fluorescence materials. Both models are designed for rapid, non-destructive identification of substances, with features such as a touch screen, and robust designs suitable for various applications in the field.


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Optosky ATR6600 handheld raman

Key Specifications

Android OS

Easy to use and Intuitive Interface

Easy Powered

USB and replaceable Batteries power sources

Select your Laser Wavelengths

1064 and 785 Laser Excitation Wavelength available

Easy Connection

WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, GSM

Touch Screen​

5.5" screen with 1920*1080 px


Get the Highest Accuracy from 172*85*30 mm and 450 g

ATR6500 785 Handheld Raman Analyzer

Optosky ATR6500 handheld raman

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ATR6600 1064 Handheld Raman Analyzer

Optosky ATR6600 handheld raman

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Optosky ATR6600 handheld raman measure

Optosky's ATR6500 and ATR6600 handheld Raman spectrometers are designed for rapid and accurate identification of a wide range of substances. These compact devices are equipped with advanced algorithms and a user-friendly interface, allowing for non-destructive, fast detection and identification of various materials. The ATR6500, in particular, is known for its super thin and ultra-light design, which makes it easy to carry and operate in the field.

The ATR6500's features include a high-definition 5.5" capacitive touch screen for smooth operation, dual cameras for capturing evidence, and multiple connectivity options such as 4G, GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, and WIFI. It is IP67 compliant, ensuring durability and protection against dust and water. This spectrometer is particularly useful for public safety, food safety, and hazardous material detection, as well as for identifying pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients, gemstones, and materials.

Optosky's ATR6600, on the other hand, builds upon the capabilities of the ATR6500, offering enhanced features for field detection. It includes a rechargeable battery, extending the device's operational life, and a toxic and hazardous gas alarm with an altitude sensor. These handheld Raman spectrometers are not just tools for analysis; they are also mobile solutions that can be integrated into various workflows, whether in laboratory settings or on-the-go field applications.