Mobile Hyperspectral Cameras

Data acquisition Fully Integrated Systems

Place Camera, Adquire Data

Experience the power of portable and handheld cameras designed for the VNIR and SWIR range with our Optosky models ATH2500, ATH3010, and ATH6010. These portable and handheld devices provide versatile solutions for capturing high-resolution spectral data, making them ideal for field applications. Simply mount your chosen camera and start acquiring data. Our systems are engineered for ease of use, offering fully automated functionalities that streamline the data collection process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.



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Optosky ATH Mobile Hyperspectral Camera Range

Key Specifications

Fully Automated System

Handheld or Portable, scan Hyperspectral Images without any other motion device.

Easy Powered

USB and replaceable Batteries power sources

Select your Wavelengths

VNIR (400-1000 nm) and SWIR (400 to 1700 nm) models available

Easy Connection

Different options for your applications. GigE, Bluetooth or USB


Android Touch Screen in a 132*99*65 with 920 g device

Different Lenses Available

Variety of C-mount lenses for portable models


Get the Highest Accuracy from 306*300*162 mm and 5.5 Kg

On-site Hyperspectral Imaging

Transport you Hyperspectral Imaging device everywhere

ATH2500 Handheld Hyperspectral Camera

ATH2500 Handheld Hyperspectral Camera

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ATH3010 Portable Hyperspectral Camera

ATH3010 Portable Hyperspectral Camera

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ATH6010 Portable Hyperspectral Camera

ATH6010 Portable Hyperspectral Camera

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Spectrify, your new spectral suite


The online software that covers all the spectra analysis needs in a fast and intuitive way.

Optosky ATH Mobile Hyperspectral Camera Range

Optosky's advanced Hyperspectral cameras are designed to capture infrared light, extending beyond the visible spectrum, and are ideal for a variety of applications. These portable and handheld devices are perfect for field applications, allowing you to capture high-resolution spectral data on-site. Whether you're in agriculture, monitoring industrial processes, or conducting environmental studies, Optosky's Hyperspectral cameras are compact, handheld, and equipped with HD resolution capabilities.

The Optosky ATH2500, ATH3010, and ATH6010 models are specifically engineered for ease of use, offering fully automated functionalities that streamline the data collection process. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in your data acquisition, making these cameras a valuable asset for any professional who requires precise and reliable spectroscopy solutions. These cameras are not only compact and portable but also feature CCD sensors, which are known for their high sensitivity and dynamic range, providing excellent image quality for your spectral data.

When building your own Hyperspectral System, Optosky offers a variety of options, including the ATH1500 VNIR (400-1000 nm), ATH1500-17 SWIR (1000-1700 nm), and ATH1010-25 SWIR (1000-2500 nm) cameras. These cameras are designed to work together to provide a comprehensive view of the infrared spectrum, allowing for detailed analysis and precise measurements. By combining these cameras, you can create a Hyperspectral System that is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you have the tools necessary to achieve the highest standards of quality and accuracy in your imaging projects.