Hyperspectral Imager Modules

Fit the needs for your application

Compact, Lightweight, Cost-effective Hyperspectral Cameras

Maximize the flexibility of your hyperspectral imaging with up to 7 VNIR configurations and 6 in SWIR. Select sensor size in pixels, cooling methods, spectral resolution and light path shape (straight or 90º) for matching your experimental or UAV design. C mount lenses compatible for field of view (FOV) adjustments, making our hyperspectral cameras adaptable to every application.   The product comprises a Hyperspectral Camera Module paired with a Hyperspectral Imager Module.



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Optosky VNIR and SWIR Hyperspectral Imager Modules

Key Specifications

Select your number of Pixels

VNIR detectors up to 2048 px, SWIR HR to 1280 px

I or L-Shape Designs

Adapted to Multi-rotor and Fixed Wing UAVs

Cooled Sensors

Avoid Noise Temperature an add stability to data

Select the Wavelength

From 400 nm to 1700 models available

Lightweight and Compact

From 279*64*55 mm and 545 g in VNIR models, 335*96*96 and 1450 g in SWIR

C-mount Lenses compatible

Adapt FOV and IFOV to your specific needs

VNIR Hyperspectral Imager

 VNIR Hyperspectral Imager

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SWIR Hyperspectral Imager

 SWIR Hyperspectral Imager

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Optosky's advanced Hyperspectral cameras are designed to provide the highest resolution in both VNIR and SWIR ranges, making them ideal for advanced Hyperspectral Microscopy and Desktop Hyperspectral analysis. These cameras are equipped with up to 7 VNIR configurations and 6 in SWIR, allowing for extensive customization to match your experimental or UAV design. The selection of sensor size in pixels, cooling methods, spectral resolution, and light path shape (straight or 90º) ensures that each camera is optimized for the specific needs of your application.

The C mount lenses included with Optosky's hyperspectral cameras are compatible with a wide field of view (FOV) and can be adjusted for different applications. This adaptability is crucial for capturing high-resolution spectral data in various environments, from controlled laboratory settings to challenging field conditions. The Hyperspectral Camera Module is paired with a Hyperspectral Imager Module, creating a complete system that is both flexible and robust, capable of handling the demands of complex imaging tasks.

These advanced hyperspectral imaging systems are perfect for a variety of applications, including environmental monitoring, food safety, industrial quality control, and scientific research. The ability to customize each component of the system ensures that you have the tools necessary to achieve the highest standards of quality and accuracy in your imaging projects. Whether you are looking to identify pollutants in the environment, detect contaminants in food products, or perform in-depth scientific research, Optosky's Hyperspectral cameras offer the flexibility and precision you need to succeed.