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Your Range, from VNIR to SWIR

SWIR and VNIR cameras are specialized imaging devices that capture infrared light, extending beyond the visible spectrum. SWIR cameras are known for their ability to detect moisture content in food and identify defects in solar panels, while VNIR cameras, though less common, can offer enhanced contrast and detail in specific applications. Optosky offers ATH1500 VNIR (400-1000 nm), ATH1500-17 SWIR (1000-1700 nm) and ATH1010-25 SWIR (1000-2500 nm) for building your own Hyperspectral System.



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Optosky ATH Line-up of Modular Hyperspectral Cameras

Key Specifications

Choose your Spectral Range

VNIR (400-1000 nm), SWIR (1000-1700 nm) and Extended SWIR (1000-2500 nm) available.

Simple connection

USB 3.0 and CamLink available.

Optimal Bith Depth

Measure the intensities in 12, 14 or 16 bits per pixel.

Select your Frame Rate

Configure your FPS to a maximun of 240.

Different Sensors

VNIR CCD and SWIR Te-cooled InGaAs

Small Size, Light Weight

Models from 122×58×65 mm and 380 g

Range of Available Lenses

From FOV 15.2º (35 mm) with IFOV 0.7 mrad

UAVs adaptable

Configure your Hyperspectral Module and mount it on a drone

ATH1500 VNIR Hyperspectral Camera

ATH1500 VNIR Hyperspectral Camera

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ATH1500-17 Hyperspectral Camera

ATH1500-17 Hyperspectral Camera

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ATH1010-25 Hyperspectral Camera

ATH1010-25 Hyperspectral Camera

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Spectrify, your new spectral suite


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Optosky ATH Line-up of Modular Hyperspectral Cameras


Optosky's SWIR and VNIR cameras are state-of-the-art imaging devices that are specifically engineered to capture infrared light, which allows them to operate beyond the visible spectrum. These cameras are designed to detect subtle details and variations in the infrared spectrum that may be invisible to the human eye. The SWIR cameras, in particular, are highly effective at identifying moisture content in food, which is critical for ensuring product quality and safety. They are also adept at detecting defects in solar panels, making them a valuable tool in the renewable energy sector.

VNIR cameras, while less commonly utilized, are capable of providing enhanced contrast and detail in specific applications. These cameras are particularly useful in areas where the human eye cannot perceive the subtle differences in color or intensity that these cameras can detect. Optosky's ATH1500 VNIR camera, for instance, operates within the 400-1000 nm range, offering a spectral resolution that is ideal for a wide range of applications, from food safety to environmental monitoring.

When building your own Hyperspectral System, Optosky offers a variety of options, including the ATH1500 VNIR (400-1000 nm), ATH1500-17 SWIR (1000-1700 nm), and ATH1010-25 SWIR (1000-2500 nm) cameras. These cameras are designed to work together to provide a comprehensive view of the infrared spectrum, allowing for detailed analysis and precise measurements. By combining these cameras, you can create a Hyperspectral System that is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you have the tools necessary to achieve the highest standards of quality and accuracy in your imaging projects.