Portable ATR-FTIR Spectrometers

On-Site without sample preparation

Chemical Analysis where needed

The ATP8900Plus is a truly portable and high-performance FTIR spectrometer in a compact, handheld design optimized for field applications. It features plug-and-play measurement modules for ATR (diamond, ZnSe, Ge), transmission, diffuse reflectance, specular reflection, and gas cells, allowing for efficient analysis of diverse sample types.

 ATP8900Plus-Laptop combines the core capabilities of the ATP8900Plus with a compact, mobile laptop form factor ideal for field use. This innovative design integrates intelligent software with complete analysis functions, sample attachments, and built-in temperature control for reliable operation.


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ATP8900plus-laptop Compact FT-IR spectrometer

Key Specifications

Compact Portability

Handheld design optimized for field use. Lightweight at only 2.5 kg including battery.

Robust Construction

Rugged housing designed to withstand harsh environments. Moisture-resistant optics for reliable operation

Wide Spectral Range

 7800 - 350 cm-1 mid-IR range. Optional far-IR range down to 50 cm-1

High-Precision Optics

High-stability cube corner interferometer with >10 year warranty. Resolution down to 1 cm^-1

Versatile Sampling

Plug-and-play measurement modules for ATR, transmission, diffuse reflectance. Unique sliding-type fastener allows quick module changes.

Intuitive Software

Easy to operate software for field analysis. Ability to match samples against reference libraries.

ATP8900plus Compact FTIR

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ATP8900plus-laptop  Compact FTIR

Download Datasheet


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Optosky's ATP8900Plus and ATP8900Plus-Laptop are truly portable FTIR spectrometers purpose-built for high-performance chemical analysis in even the most demanding field environments. The handheld ATP8900Plus weighs just 2.5 kg including battery, yet packs research-grade capabilities into its rugged, moisture-resistant housing designed to withstand harsh conditions. 

At its core is a high-stability cube corner interferometer with over 10 years of service life, delivering a wide spectral range from 7800 - 350 cm^-1 with resolution down to 1 cm^-1. What sets the ATP8900Plus apart is its innovative plug-and-play measurement module design with a unique sliding-type fastener. This allows for rapid switching between ATR (diamond, ZnSe, Ge), transmission, diffuse reflectance, and other sampling accessories to analyze diverse sample types on-site. 

The ATP8900Plus-Laptop takes portability even further by integrating the ATP8900Plus' powerful FTIR engine into a compact, mobile laptop form factor. This intelligent design includes built-in temperature control, permanent vertical interferometer, and customizable gas cell path lengths based on concentration needs. Whether for gas monitoring, material identification, product inspection or other critical applications, the ATP8900Plus-Laptop delivers lab-quality results in the field. 

Both models feature easy-to-use software with complete analysis functions and the ability to match samples against extensive reference libraries. They satisfy stringent qualification standards like DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ for regulated industries. With their robust construction, high spectral performance, versatile sampling options and advanced software, the ATP8900Plus series provides the ideal portable analytical solution across many sectors.