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The ATP8900 series delivers high-performance, versatile FTIR spectrometers for diverse applications. The flagship ATP8900 is a robust benchtop system with modular sample compartments, enabling efficient analysis of solids, liquids, and gases through transmission, ATR, diffuse/specular reflectance, and gas cells by quickly swapping accessories. Find the ideal product for your specific needs. 

Explore the basic ATP8900, the high-resolution ATP8900Pro, the multi-compartment and automated ATP8900-2-C, or the high-performance vacuum and far-infrared ATP8900Ad.

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benchtop ftir ATP8900

Key Specifications

Ultra-High Resolution up to 0.25cm-1

The ATP8900Pro offers an upgraded resolution of 0.25 cm^-1^, enabling advanced scientific research applications that require exceptional precision. ​

Broad Spectral Range from NIR to FIR

Cover an extensive range from far-IR (10 cm^-1^) to near-IR (12500 cm^-1^) by configuring the ATP8900Ad with external light sources and detectors for diverse applications.

Dual Independent Sample Channels

The innovative ATP8900-2-C features two isolated compartments to simultaneously measure samples by transmission and diffuse reflection, boosting productivity.

Vacuum-Optimized Optics

The ATP8900Ad's vacuum design eliminates atmospheric interference for weak signals while improving throughput for enhanced sensitivity.

Modular Design, Versatile Sampling

Efficiently analyze solids, liquids, and gases through interchangeable modules for transmission, ATR (diamond, ZnSe, Ge), diffuse/specular reflectance, and gas cells.

External Chambers and Accesories

Integrate the ATP8900 series with TGA, GC, vacuum chambers, long gas cells and more for advanced hyphenated techniques and customized experiments.

ATP8900 Benchtop FTIR

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ATP8900Pro High-Resolution FTIR

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ATP8900Ad Vacuum Chamber FTIR

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ATP8900-2C Dual Compartment FTIR

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Benchtop FTIR spectrometers are essential analytical tools in various industries, enabling comprehensive material characterization and quality control. Optosky's ATP8900 family offers a range of versatile, high-performance FTIR solutions to meet the demands of evolving applications.

The flagship ATP8900 is a robust benchtop system with modular sample compartments for transmission, ATR, diffuse/specular reflectance and gas cells. Its high-stability interferometer, sensitive detectors and intelligent software deliver research-grade performance for efficient analysis of solids, liquids and gases.

For advanced research requiring exceptional precision, the ATP8900Pro provides improved resolution of up to 0.25 cm^-1. This high-resolution capability expands the system's analytical potential while maintaining the core strengths of the ATP8900 platform.

The ATP8900Ad packs full FTIR performance into a truly portable handheld form factor optimized for field use. Its vacuum-optimized optics improve sensitivity, while plug-and-play modules like ATR enable in situ analysis without sample preparation.

Maximizing productivity, the innovative ATP8900-2-C features dual independent sample compartments to simultaneously measure samples by transmission and diffuse reflection. This dual-channel design eliminates frequent attachment changes for efficient multi-mode measurements.