Ivium RRDE

Ivium rotator for RDE and RRDE measurements

The Ivium Rotating Ring Disk Electrode (RRDE) is a robust rotator designed for hydrodynamic electrochemical applications in combination with a potentiostat. 

It can be used for both hydrodynamic measurements

  • disk RDE: Rotating Disk Electrode) 
  • ring-disk (RRDE: Rotating Ring Disk Electrode) 

The combination with Ivium (bi-) potentiostats is recommended as the control is fully integrated in IviumSoft. However, the IviumRRDE can be used with any other suitable potentiostat.

 Potentistat or analog control

The rotation speed can be controlled with up/down buttons on the front panel of the control box, or from an external analog signal. 

The applied and measured rotation speeds are also displayed on the front panel.

Key Specifications

Wide rotation range: 100-10 000 rpm

Rotation stability: <1% (within 1 second)

Applied resolution: 1 rpm

Rotation stability: <1% (within 1 second)

Hihg measured accuracy

Measure accuracy 0.02 rpm (averaged and settled)

Standard Electrode contacts

:4 x 4mm banana sockets

Potentiostat or analog control

Analog control: 1 rpm/mV or 2.5 rpm/mV , via BNC connector

Wide temperature range

Operating temperature: 10 to 40 °C

Content IviumRRDE kit

  • Rotator with driveshaft and brush assembly (no tips included)
  • Motor-controller unit
  • Connection cable
  • Power adaptor 100-240V
  • Rotator fixing bar

Optional kit orders

  • Replacement driveshaft
  • Replacement brush-set (4)


A wide range of electrodes and cells are available for use with the IviumRRDE:

  • Disk and ring-disk electrodes
  • Counter and Reference electrodes
  • Cells (standard and water jacketed)
  • Rotator stands, base plates, clamps, ...


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