Damage and Integrity Evaluation SF E+

Assessing the integrity of a coating can be a significant challenge.

Anti-corrosion coatings on marine structures suffer premature failures or show defects that may lead to failure.


When any of those defects appear, it is essential to set actual damage and its extension so that appropriate measures can be taken and works are not oversized or problems underestimated.

Damaged coating evaluation using SFTec unconventional NDTs in regular or single inspections

provides accurate and relevant information

essential for a suitable survey of the coating integrity.​

Uncertainty reduction

SF E+ obtains accurate information on the coating condition reducing uncertainty about its integrity.

Damage quantification

Deterioration degree and scope of repairs to be carried out are duly quantified, allowing better maintenance decisions and reducing costs and dry-dock times since only the necessary resources are invested.

Early Maintenance

SFE+ Evaluations allows to anticipate early maintenance actions by identifying premature failures which are not noticed by using traditional testing and visual inspection techniques.


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