Full coating service life monitoring SF 25+

New challenges demand new approaches

From concrete to thin films and highly specialized anti corrosive systems, the coatings used in the harshest industries are constantly striving to meet the increasing demands for functionality, performance and longevity requested by the industry.

SF 25+ full life cycle monitoring provides the most accurate, relevant and reliable information on the coatings performance.

Our monitoring service throughout the coating life cycle (SF 25+) integrates the processes of selection and characterization of the anticorrosive coating with installation, production and operation requirements, being the ideal choice for those applications where coating durability is required to meet the rest of the design criteria of desired useful life (20-25 years).

Combining the initial coating certification (SF C +) in the selection stage together with a correct installation certification (SF I +) and regular evaluation of the condition of the coating (SF E +) provides a complete inspection and evaluation package that maximizes your knowledge and control on the state of your protective coatings.


Having the correct information allows better decisions which simplifiy maintenance tasks.

Cost optimization

Premature failures are detected at earlier stages, maintenance costs are reduced and assets availability and productivity are increased.


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