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Best NDTs to protect your assets

SF Tec unconventional Non-Destructive Tests (NDTs) surveys provide accurate, relevant and reliable information of the coatings performance, allowing our customers to make the right decisions during the whole service life cycle of the coating.

Our approach

Multi variable Characterization

We perform a complete characterization of anti-corrosive coating layer-substrate systems in the laboratory (including ideal and non-ideal conditions)

Portable EIS and FTIR technology

EIS and FTIR are non-destructive techniques that provide us with the fingerprint of a protective coating at each specific situation, generating digital spectra data collections and detecting locale anomalies in coatings long before they become visually apparent.

Machine Learning models & AI tools

Data-driven coating monitoring system based on Machine Learning models and AI prediction tools of future performance on a specific system.

SF Tec Coating Inspection & Monitoring Program

From concrete to thin films, including highly specialized anticorrosive systems, the coatings used in the harshest industries are constantly striving to meet the increasing demands for functionality, performance, and longevity requested by the industry.

Our monitoring services integrates the processes of selection and characterization of the anticorrosive coating with installation, production, and operation requirements, being the ideal choice for those applications where coating durability is required to meet the rest of the design criteria of desired service life (20-25 years). This monitoring takes place throughout the coating life cycle (SF 25+)


As corrosion is everywhere, SF Tec provides protective coating evaluation solutions into the most demanding applications.


Marine and maritime services

Anticorrosive coating survey services for marine and maritime industry



Corrosion consultancy of coated steel and reinforced concrete infraestructures

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Corrosion consultany for petrochemical equimpent and coated pipelines.

Wind Power

Windpower generation

Consultancy services for Offshore and onshore wind farms


Aerospace industry


Offshore industry

Survey services for offshore Oil & Gas industry

We want to hear from you

Whether you have not answered questions our team is ready to hear you and find the best way to help you.

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