Battery cyclers

innovative solutions for battery testing

Innovative solutions for battery testing

IviCycle and OctoStat are your perfect partner for high channel-count battery applications. They offer a low cost-per-channel, high volume testing solution and integral extensive data storage capability. In addition, simultaneous impedance spectroscopy measurements are available on every channel, no multiplexing involved. 

Intelligent software allows you to build your customized battery cycling profile to investigate the whole range of charge/discharge rates with periodic impedance measurements included. Once your data is collected, powerful analysis software allows you to manipulate your data whichever way you choose.

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The OctoStat is designed for applications where multiple cells are operated in parallel for long periods of time, such as battery/fuel cell testing, electrode development, biotechnology, and corrosion.

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The IviCycle is designed to be your perfect partner for high channel-count battery applications. The IviCycle offers a low-cost-per-channel, high-volume testing solution and extensive data storage capability.

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Iviumsoft: all you need in a single suite

Ivium provides outstanding software to match every research application. IviumSoft intuitive software suite is feature-rich and is common to all of our instruments. IviumSoft includes an specific framework for battery testing: CycliScan.

Cycliscan is designed with the battery scientist in mind, or those who are involved in energy storage research. It is a straight-forward protocol builder that uses a linear structure, offering complete control and customization on all levels, as well as real-time.

Safety is taken care of by the global and local settings for each stage of the protocol, making the software reliable for peace-of-mind operation. Cycles can both be included in the protocol, and as an overall parameter to facilitate duration testing. For the more demanding protocols, drive cycles can either be easily imported, or simply created from the available cycle builder.

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Ivilab: Battery Evaluation Software

IviLAB is the perfect partner to use in combination with CycliScan and MC Mode. It offers advanced data handling for large or multiple data sets, with a versatile approach to displaying in a manner than suits your requirements.

IviLAB allows the data from multiple channels to be plotted separately or on one graph, overlaying of selected cycles for direct comparison, customized graphs and representation, and an overview of all measured data in a concise and ordered format. 

Plots such as charge-discharge, capacity vs. cycle number, EIS fit, charge efficiency, and many more are possible with this powerful analysis tool.

Verification of measurement reliability

Automated EIS / impedance batch-fitting

Automatic calculation of battery performance indicators

Handle large datasets > 20M datapoints per channel

Analysis of multiple charge-discharge cycles....

                    ..with embedded EIS stages